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Rider Profile

    City: Westminster
    Year Born: 1967
    Started Riding in: 1971
    Desert Class: MAGNUM HWT.
    Bike Make and Size: KTM 450EXC
    Family: Eric

    Funniest race moment: Realizing I forgot I had a steering dampener until
    there was only 3 miles left before checkers....DOH! The last 3 miles were so
    much easier!

    What you like about the Club:
    I was born and raised in Huntington Beach...I
    like EVERYTHING about HBMC!
    And Roy Watson! What a stud that guy is!

    Racing Accomplishments: Finishing lol

    Your ultimate goal in racing: Finishing lol
    Until I'm Roy's age

    Other Info: I likes bikes.
    They are my passion and always have been. Always will be.
    I'm an airbrush artist and custom painter.


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