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The Huntington Beach Motorcycle Club is an AMA
District 37 Desert Racing Organization.

 We currently have over 60 active members and a number of inactive members. Our club supports our racers with pits at all District 37 Desert Races. You will never be left stranded in the desert. There will always be an HBMC member there to make sure you get back safely. It's really nice to know that if you break down or get hurt, there will be people to make sure you, your family and gear get safely out of the DEZ.

NEW 2020 NEWS: 2020 Dual Euro Race Flier / 2020 Youth Desert Series Flier / Member Pit Duty’s List /

Racing with family and members,, HBMC Club Picture!
Racing with family and members

 We also put on an AMA sanctioned District 37 points paying race once a year, usually in March. If you're not familiar with these types of races, click here to visit the District 37 competition home page and learn more. Putting on a race is a lot of work but it's also lot's of fun. We're not all racing however. Many of our members race very little or not at all. You meet lot's of people to go play riding with and have a good time.

Racing with family and members

 We have an annual Christmas party each year in late November or early December and have several club outings throughout the year. After having said all this, come on out to a race and look for the blue and yellow HBMC flag.

Racing with family and members
Racing with family and members
Racing with family and members
Racing with family and members
HBMC annual picture and currently have over 60 active members!
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